Privacy Policy of JAPANPhotoGLOBE

NPO Project of Japanese Photo Culture to Overseas (JPCO) is a communication-oriented company mainly setting up and running various international/national conventions and exhibitions under the management principle of providing solutions to customers and contributing to society based on our communication-oriented creativity. The most fundamental thing for our best performance is to precisely understand the needs and roles of all concerned including clients and end-users and to satisfy their needs swiftly. In order to accomplish our roles, the various kinds of information we can utilize, as an excellent source is critical for our business. We have been dealing cautiously with such information as one of the most important matters for our business and the organization existence. However, as there is a growing concern about the protection of personal information, we have decided to review our privacy policy for further improvement. Here we clearly express our new privacy policy, and declare that we strictly comply with it.

Managing Director,
NPO Project of Japanese Photo Culture to Overseas

1. Personal Information handled by JPCO

NPO Project of Japanese Photo Culture to Overseas (JPCO) handles the following information as personal information:

Any personal information provided to JPCO by clients and its business partners for the organization’s activities regarding setting up and running conventions and exhibitions;

Any personal information provided to JPCO by end-users or individuals identified by such information at the time of registrations for the above-mentioned conventions and exhibitions;

Any personal information provided to JPCO on the occasions other than the above; and, any personal information of the employees of the organization.

If the information alone identifies no one, but it easily does when compared with other information, JPCO regards and handles such information as personal information regardless of its format such as paper, image, voice, video, electrical data, etc.

2. JPCO’s basic policies for protection of personal information

JPCO expresses and adheres to the following basic policies of protection for personal information to gain, utilize and provide such information:

Before handling the personal information, JPCO explains the individual identified by such information about the purpose and range of gaining, using and giving such information to the third party as well as about the rights that such individual is able to ask for disclosure, correction and deletion of, and also the rights to refuse the use or provision of such information, and then seeks the approval of the individual. When JPCO asks for people to offer personal information on its website, the organization explains the visitors how such information is utilized and then seeks their agreement.
When JPCO obtains personal information from its business partners, it checks the purpose and range of the partner’s gaining, using and giving such information to the third party as well as about the scope of responsibilities of JPCO, and JPCO adheres to it.

JPCO does not handle any personal information for purposes other than its specified uses, provided, however, that this does not apply where stipulated by laws and regulations, or protection of the individual or public life, health and property is needed.

JPCO complies with the laws, regulations, contracts, company rules and any other norms about handling personal information.

JPCO takes necessary and appropriate, preventive and corrective measures from the technical and management-systems point of view in the event that there is a risk of unauthorized access, leakage, loss or damage of personal information.

JPCO designates a privacy administrator to control the handling of personal information to secure in-house management system. JPCO also conducts checkup on a regular basis and properly addresses the situation as soon as possible when there is something to be corrected.

JPCO keeps and takes care of personal information in a safe place, and ensures that any personal information becoming unnecessary be disposed or eliminated in a proper way. When JPCO has work done by a contractor, the organization selects the reliable contractor and checks if the contractor completes with such disposal work.

In the event that an incident in relation to personal information occurs, JPCO promptly reports the fact to the individual, business partners and other people concerned, and takes necessary measures to minimize the damage.

JPCO provides a consultation service for personal information and responds to complaints and problems about the disclosure, correction, deletion, or provision to the third party of the personal information, claimed directly by the individual identified by such personal information or through the business partner, provided, however, that it does not apply where stipulated by laws or regulations, or in the event that the protection of life, health or property of the individual or public is needed.

JPCO continues to review and improve its privacy management system and in-house rules according with the change in social conditions including new laws dealing with personal information, the change in demands from the business partners, the report from the administrator, and its business environment.

JPCO establishes a criterion, which enables the organization select contractors fully meeting the required level of performance about handling personal information. JPCO selects such contractors based on the above criterion. In the event that JPCO makes a contract with such contractors, the organization clarifies contractors’ obligations including adherence to the administrator’s instructions, confidentiality, sharing of responsibility at the time of incident, return and deletion of personal information at the time of the termination of contract, and other possible obligations. JPCO also inspects the conditions about handling personal information as needed to manage its contractors, reports the results to the administrator and takes necessary measures.

JPCO establishes, maintains and implements a set of procedures for all of its employees describing the importance and benefit of following the privacy laws and regulations and in-house rules, the roles to protect personal information and the measures to be taken to the violation of rules.

JPCO recognizes the importance of protecting personal information and takes every security measure in handling such information. Please contact our consultation service for inquiries or questions about personal information.